How to Treat Your Companion/Escort

There are a number of sites on the internet that encourage you to book escorts through their services, but how many give you hints and tips of how to get the best out of the sessions that you book?

Escort Etiquette is important to ensure you are aware of what you should do to ensure you have the best time with your Companion. Equally important is what not to do when meeting an Escort.

We make it easy!

Here’s a brief summary – in no particular order of importance:

  • Always ensure you are fresh and clean – have a deep clean shower ensuring when you meet your Companion for the first time for that the initial greeting/hug which makes her smile rather than grimace!
  • Yes, you are paying for your Companions time but try to ensure that she will have an enjoyable time too. Don’t assume that she will like what you like or think the same way you do. Having a great time means both of you have a say in how the time progresses. Communicate and actively listen.
  • Try not to ask intrusive personal questions. This can put her on edge and may make her feel uncomfortable. She won’t be asking about your wife or partner, escort history, etc. – unless you choose to volunteer such information.
  • Mutual respect – your Escort already understands that you have booked a session and will be approaching the session with an open and positive mindset. Amazing things happen if you understand that the person you are meeting is intelligent, attractive and wants to provide an excellent service and it helps if you respect her as a professional before you even meet.
  • Think about what small gift you could take your date. It’s not obligatory but many Escorts gush about Gentlemen who have taken the time to choose a beautiful bunch of flowers or some other small token of appreciation that makes their hearts melt! You could choose to ask our Receptionist about the kind of small token which your date would like. Don’t feel obligated but every little thing could help!

Remember it is important that you both have a good time so just relax, treat her with respect and courtesy and enjoy!

Look out for more tips!